10 things To Do on Your Next Plane Ride

As I sit here in 6D eating my gluten-free pretzels, I just can’t wait to get up in the air. The Captain has announced that our flight time today will be 3hrs and 15 minutes. Eh, I have already watched all the free movies on the airplane’s tv and just do not know what to do with my time. I could be productive, and utilize this uninterrupted time to my advantage.c Well, maybe it might get disturbed when the flight attendants ask what kind of beverage you would like. Sparkling Water with a lime please! :)


Keep on scrolling down to find out how to utilize your time on the plane.

!0 Things To Do On A Plane Ride
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1. Learn A language - What better way to enhance your career than with another language. I know my airline flies all over, and adding a language to my credentials guarantees not only foreign places but also a pay increase. I am currently learning French, but starting it out leisurely. You can download Duolingo for free and learn it during your downtime. Other great learning apps that are great are Babbel or Rosetta Stone. I like these apps because they teach you like you are playing a game. 

2. Dive into an Adult Coloring Book - Sometimes when I am commuting home, I am so tired that I just want to chill out and get into my zone. Coloring books are a great way to pass the time and to also relieve stress. One could bring their coloring book and pencils, but since I commute and each inch of my luggage is sacred space, I opted for a digital version. The app called Mille Marotte is my favorite because she has a bunch of different type of designs along with multiple color options. You can use your finger or a touch pen and just start coloring away.

3. Crochet (winter is coming) - You might think that you might not have a use for this craft, but Crochet can be such a fun and rewarding hobby. You do not need that many supplies, and when finished, you feel like you accomplished something unusual. 

Flight Attendants love galley art. When I get one, I make it a point to hang it in my galley on every flight for that trip.

Flight Attendants love galley art. When I get one, I make it a point to hang it in my galley on every flight for that trip.

4. Coursera, Skillshare, and Craftsy- Continuing your education is always a great idea. I know that I speak to so many flight attendants that feel that they cannot make it to the next level because they think they don’t have the right “skills” to make it to the management. This statement is not only false, but I can see how applying for a new job within your company can be a little intimidating, especially if you have been out of the traditional workforce for a while. You can calm your nerves by being with the new trends in a specific industry by learning. I know for me Social Media Marketing was not even a thing when I graduated college, so why not get a certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile. 

5. Make some money - I love the blog Penny Hoarder, and she knows of so many apps where you can make some extra cash. You can take some survey’s with emiles or even watch some videos with InboxDollars. Check out her blog here to find other fun ways to make some extra money, because time is money. 

6. Read A book - Not all planes are equal, which sometimes means there is no in-flight entertainment or the wifi is not the best. Making this internet free zone a great time to pull out that old fashion book and get lost in a love story. My favorite app to figure out which books are fun to read the book of the month.

7. Catch Up on Magazines - If you have a library card or amazon prime, you can get a ton of magazines for free online. Don’t forget to download them so you can catch up on the latest fashion trends.

Nothing better than a little TLC on your way to work.

Nothing better than a little TLC on your way to work.

8. Plan your next layover or vacation - The benefit of working for an airline is that you are always in vacation mode. You have the luxury of jumping on the plane, possibly sitting first class on our way to Paris for the day. Besides flight crew, the only people in the world that can do that is the Top 10%. So sign on Perx.com or ID90.com to find out what where your next inexpensive vacation will be.

9.  Edit Your Travel Pictures- We take so many pictures so why not show them off! Your commute is a perfect time to make sure they are all crisp and clean to show off to your regular friends. You know to make them jealous of your job. Well maybe that is not nice, so we will have beautiful pictures to display around the house to then show off at your next house party. You can create these beautiful masterpieces using Canva Pop, Sticky9, or Artifact Uprising to name a few.

10.  Learn a bit on finances- So you don’t want to fly till you are 80 years old? Well, we hope that you are still working because you want to and not because you have to. Having an extra cash flow that is always nice, so investing is always an excellent way to get an additional cash flow for the future. I know I don’t have this new talent, so this is my 2018 goal is to how to grow my money. One places that I am taking baby steps with is Stash Invest where to invest in the stock market you only need $5 to start.

Tel me what is your favorite thing to do on your commute?