Top 10 Flight Attendant Meme That Describe the Job

There she is an energetic, confident flight attendant. She can tackle all and trained in helping others in the emergency situation. This flight attendant spent seven long weeks in training away from family and friends. In training, she learns how to use an AED, evacuate a plane in 90 seconds or even fight a fire. Most of this training is not used in daily life (THANK GOD) but is the main key to her job.
After graduation, she is ready to fight the fire, but maybe not in the specific way she trained. Yes, we are all trained in customer service, but once you exposed to the real life of flying there are many things that you are not aware of.  

Here are my favorite memes featured on @theflightattendantlife that describes my personal life as a flight attendantEnjoy! 

Which meme fits your flight attendant life? The last one really spoke to me. Till next time. Buh Bye ,

XoXo Ally Lovett