How Flight Attendants pack while on reserve in October

Packing while you are on reserve comes with challenges. Scheduling can send you somewhere like Vegas where you are going to need a bathing suit or Bozeman which is more nature-focused. Not to mention, you would need clothes to commute in or even maybe a workout outfit. That carry-on is only so large, so please let me help you.

“My goal while packing for a trip is to keep it simple, but fashionable”
— Ally Lovett
how to pack like a flight attendant on reserve
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So what to pack for my travels?

I always start and make sure my commutable outfit is not only cute but something I will wear on my layover. Since I commute from New Orleans where the temperature is an average of HOT (86 degrees) to New York where the temperature could be 20 degrees cooler, I always make sure I dress in layers. Also, you never know if that plane is going to be full so why not just be jumpseat ready.

Here is what I commute in, that would be perfect to wear for exploring a city.

Now with this outfit, you can add some layers to make sure that you will be warm. Here are some great options that will take care of those cooler nights.

With this outfit, you can pack a couple of shoe and accessory options that can bring this outfit from day to night.

Other pieces that will make sure your bag is complete would be an excellent workout piece that can make for a casual layover outfit and perfect for the gym.

Since we are at the beginning of fall and it hasn't cooled down,  I always make sure that my flip flops and dress are packed. Pull out maybe some darker colors so it doesn't look like you are still feeling those summer vibes.

Loose end pieces, would be Pj’s that can take care of any temperature, a bathing suit with a coverup and some shoe to workout.

What is your favorite outfit to wear on a layover?