How to avoid getting sick on a plane during cold season

This arctic chill has got me down in more ways than one. I am not sure if my head is cold or waiting in the corner for my Uber Driver in the 18-degree weather. I do feel that more germs get passed around at 35,000 feet especially when there is an increase of kids on the flight. Ok maybe that is not a scientific reason, but hey it sounds good to me. Anyhow, either way, I am stuck with the chills and a sour throat and must push through and ask 250 passengers if they want pretzels or peanuts. How will I ever survive???

Just a quick note. I am not a doctor, so if you are on any medication, please consult with your physicians. However, I am a flight attendant, so I usually wear a ton of hats so please let me put on my nurse hat. 

1. Kick-Ass Immune System — If you do not care what your medicine taste like, this is the boost for you. This herb concoction helps support your immune, respiratory and lymphatic along with your body’s natural resistance.

2. Good Ole Honey and Lemon — Have a sour throat, start with this cold remedy. Also, it can also act as a cough suppressant too. This honey-lemon mixture is the first line of defense if you can’t make it to a CVS and you must catch the next flight.
3. Hotty Toddy — there is something about a cold day and warming up by sipping something warm to fill up the soul. Perfect for your layover.
4. Oregano Oil — This is one of the best natural remedies for your immune system. Ideal if you have a cold virus, the flu, and respiratory infection. If you feel like you have something coming on, pop these little natural pills into your body, and hopefully, this natural way can help prevent a severe cold.

5. Emergen-C — We always need our vitamins, but give your body an extra round with this lovely dietary supplement. Would be perfect ad refreshing to start your day off with one.
6. Water — Sometimes when you are taking a lot of medication, you will become dehydrated, and that to flying and you are one raisin. Try to drink about half your weight in ounces to help get over that cold.

7. Zinc — Zicam Cold Remedy is my go to when I feel those chills coming on. Zicam is is a homeopathic product that helps shorten the duration of a cold and may reduce the severity of common cold symptoms.

8. Fisherman’s Friends — If a product has been around since 1865, you know it is a good sign. This product was created for fishermen in Fleetwood to take with them on freezing trips around the North Atlantic. I feel if it worked for them, then it would be perfect for a flight attendant.

9. Lysol — Have a little travel size of Lysol to spray down the safety demo, cabin phone, bathroom door, bathroom flusher, trash cart and any place you feel the flu might be chilling on.

10. Hand sanitizer  — Shake someone’s hand … sanitize. Take the subway to work … sanitize. Pick up trash in the cabin with gloves … sanitize. You get my point here. Have to prevent those germs entering our body through your mouth, nose, and eyes. 

I know I have about 5 of these products in my bag at all time because you never know when you are going to wake up on a layover feeling over the weather. Also, you never know where the next CVS or Walgreens might be. Yes, you can be downtown, but the next drugstore can be a mile away, and you just need to be prepared. Try some of these products out, get a pill box and a bag and just keep it in your carryon.

What is your go-to cold remedy?