Depart Fashion's 2017 Travel Wrap Up

Buh Bye 2017 it was real especially at the end , but I am super excited about 2018. Well, ok, we started January with a huge Northeastener, and this Southerner was not ready for what Mother Nature can bring. I never thought I would have own actual snow boots and experience snow getting trapped in them. It is a horrible feeling. Enough about my winter attire, we will get to that in another post, but let's reflect back to 2017 travel and where I visited this year. 

In 2017, I have been a super procrastinator. I have been doing more traveling than sharing my experiences with you. Procrastination is something I am going to work in 2018 because what is a travel blog without any content. So first there is my confession that my travel diary has been a bit blank and keeping all these experiences to myself and not sharing is not cool. How dare me, but I promise I will be better this year.

Below are some of the highlights and unique places I went, and I promise I will give you a trip review for each one of them. I do have to admit I am not the most adventures flight attendant, so my list of places I have gone might not be as exotic as some of my other flight attendant friends. Which reminds myself, I must make a bucket list for 2018. I can’t believe it has been almost three years of flying and I haven’t even been to Hawaii yet. 

When I went out to make this list, I first thought that it would be quite lame, but I was a bit wrong. Thanks to my travel companion (my sister) we have become wanderlust warriors.  Here are all the beautiful places I went on holiday this year.

1.  Grand Canyon —

You fly over this more times that you can believe going to Vegas, but nothing compares to how this great hole looks when you are eye level. There is something magical staring at 277 miles of a canyon carved from one river. I just wonder what the people who discovered the canyon was thinking when they first saw it. Breathtaking.

picture of Grand Canyon

2. Alaskan Cruise —

This was my first cruise, and we opted to take the creme de la creme of all cruise line which was Disney Cruise. I highly recommend it. However, I did not read any articles to prepare me for what to expect when you cruise. Once I got over the shock, I was able to enjoy what Alaska had to offer. I never knew how clean air could smell. A cruise was a relaxing way to enjoy nature.

disney alaskan cruise

3. Key West —

Do not discount a short layover. I had never been to the Keys, and thank goodness I got to go before Irma showed up. We landed about 3 p.m. and had enough time to walk around Duval Street. Even though I thought it was hot, I just marveled at the historic houses and just imagined what Ernest Hemmingway use to do on this particular island. This layover was topped off with watching the sunset at the famous Sunset Pier.

key west Florida

4. Europe Europe Europe —

I always get excited when I fly over to Europe, only because I can’t believe that it is possible to visit a different country for only 24hrs. My favorite city is Paris, send me anytime. Europe is one place where I need to up my game because I should just be in Europe at least every month.

French churches

5. Eclipse —

When your mom is born the same day as the Total Eclipse, of course, you have to go to Eclipseville were totality was the longest in the United States. Before we visited Clarksville, we stayed in Nashville for a couple of days to enjoy excellent country music and delicious Hot Chicken. I do have to say after seeing one Eclipse, I will be a United States Eclipse Chaser for sure. If it crosses in the States, guess what I will be there. 

2017 Eclipse

6. Yellowstone —

Nature is such a great escape for me, and nothing means relaxation than  2.2 million acres of land. This trip was our second visit to this beautiful space, and we got to watch for wild animals which I significantly suggest. We did not see the three grizzly bears, so that means we just need to go back.

grand prismatic in Yellowstone

7. Crossing the Equator —

Most of my International trips are to Paris, London or Amsterdam, but I was lucky enough to get a trip to Sao Palo. It was so weird to be in Spring when in the states were getting ready to start winter.

Sao Palo Trip-2.png

8. Toronto —

If you can’t make it to Europe for the Christmas Market, why not skip over the border and head to Canada. The major cities in Canada do have Christmas markets, and you can start your holiday season by participating in these fun events. Nothing says the holidays than mulled wine, gingerbread, and Bratwurst.

Toronto Casa Loma-3.png

9. NYC day layovers —

Taking advantage of being based in New York, and working that schedule to where I can play around in the city a little more. Some of just my favorite things to do are day walking through Central Park and visiting all kinds of museums. I hope that this part of my story continues in 2018.

Central Park Music

10. Brussels —

Ringing in the New Year in the air heading over to Brussels which only signifies terrific travels for the 2018 season. I convinced my mom and sister to visit me there which made it my sister’s first international trip! Ah, they got spoiled to Business Class and not sure they will travel any other way. Just a perks of the job right.

brussels waffles-5.png

Promise to you is to stay in touch and continue to post my tips and tricks for this coming year. It helps that I got this lovely shiny MacPro which will let me accomplish my goals. 

Hope you have a wonderful New Year and happy traveling. Where will you be heading off to this year?