Three Workout Apps Perfect for Travel

Sometimes I feel I am the queen of trying to lose weight. It is just something that I have always struggled with but embraced that is how my body is. Going to different locations, I always love to try their cuisine, but sometimes that can pack on the pounds. That is why I am always searching for the next program that will help me get in shape. 


Here are my three favorite programs to follow to help me lose weight. - Karena & Katrina are personal trainers from California, and do they know about a woman’s body. They have this excellent TIU team that you can take anywhere. It doesn’t matter what hotel you are at because all you need is a pair of tennis shoes, dumbbells, and a water bottle.

FitStar- Fitbit is a great thing to wear on your wrist because man does we do a lot of walking. Not sure if you have been to JFK but from check in to gate 50 that is about a mile. So, why not count those steps.  The best thing about wearing and counting steps throughout the day is that you might only have to step an extra 3,000 to 5,000 steps for the day and done! Add on FitStar, and you can get that body building that your body needs and hit the pillow before your 12 hr layover is over.

Sworkit- Do you have a smartphone? Of course, who doesn’t so why not download Sworkit on your phone? Sworkit is the #1 by a recent study assessing fitness apps based on the parameters for safety, stretching, and progression. Sign up for one of their six weeks program and see the leaner you.

So which plan are you going to follow? I know I am ready for a sexier healthy me!

Buh Bye,

Ally Lovett