7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel


We might not be able to stay at the Waldorf every night, and you know our hotel for our layover will not be that luxury, but it doesn’t mean your own personal room at home can’t be. We all know that all hotel rooms have one thing in common and that is a bed. However, it is the elements that hotels layer that create a beautiful sleeping oasis. 



Scroll down below to find out the 7 steps of making your bedroom into a luxury hotel. 

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1. King Size Bed

We can all agree that a great bed can make the room a sleeping paradise. If your bedroom allows it, try to select a king size bed. For me, that is the best especially when you can sleep right in the middle and be surrounded by a cloud of comfort. Of course, that is only acceptable if you are sleeping alone.  Tip: Upgrade that mattress with a lovely frame to give it a luxury touch. 

2. Luxury Bedding

You can have the biggest bed, but if it is not “pimped” out then it can be the worst bed in the world. Personally, I would start with the sheets and make sure they were at least Egyptian cotton. From there invest in pillows stuffed with the fluffiest feathers. The amount of sleeping pillows is determined to each person’s preference, but me personally I like to build a personal fort around my body. From there decorate that lovely oasis with a duvet and throw pillows that express you.

3. Robes and Slippers

Nothing beats walking out of a bathroom and continuing that minute of tranquility with the comfort of soft cotton.

4. Bathroom Essentials

Do you pick a particular hotel chain because of their bathroom amenities? Sometimes it is the best when you land and get the pleasure of showing in Aveda products only! My personal favorite is anything scented with lavender which helps with anxiety, insomnia or even restlessness. The best thing to do is to make sure you pick your favorite brand and buy a couple of travel size bottles and display them in your bathroom. That will give you the luxury, hotel feel.

5. Lighting

It sets the mood, so pick wisely. My favorite is to pick something that screams elegance and dimension, so pick something extravagant. 

6. Furniture

In most living spaces, storage is the primary concern, which leads to at least choosing one places that you can store most of your belongings if they do not fit in the closet. The remaining should express your personal taste. 


7. Accents

Add your special touch here to your room, may it be super romantic, electric or modern.


What is your favorite thing about hotel rooms?