Best Way To Pack A Suitcase (Flight Attendant Approved)

Packing your carry-on like a professional traveler is a hard task and something that I struggle with every day. If your base is Atlanta you can have the luxury of having three to four bags with you at a time. Typically these bags consist of a roller bag, purse, tote and a lunch box. If New York is your base, probably the only flight attendants that can tackle that many pieces of luggage are ones that have a car or take a taxi to work. Depending on where you live in New York City both of those options can be an expensive expense. Take for example, if I live on the Upper West Side of New York it would take me a minimum $60 by car to get to JFK. Take that price times 8, well that equals one large car bill. 

So what would be the cheaper alternative, well the subway of course. Now, what does that do with the bags you bring on your trip, limits them to at least two. Any more you would be a balancing act walking up and down those stairs. Can you imagine having four bags on the six train during rush hour? Forget about it!


Now I am one that likes my bathroom products, at least two outfits and a nice pair of pj's. Add a couple of shoes and your bag might be exploding . What can be your saving grace? Packing cubes and your organizational skills!!!

My favorite travel organizers are from Vera Bradley. I treated myself to a couple of items to help me be a bit more organized in 2018. They have helped me out so much on my layovers because I don't have to unpack my entire bag just to get to my curling iron. Below are the itmes that I recently purchased. 

Pack Like A Pro!.png

How Do I Exactly Pack My Bag?

Step 1
- Pick any small item like a curling iron or flat shoes and fit them around the handles in your carry-on bag. By filling in this dead space, you will be able to pack a lot of small single items and not take away from your space bags.

Step 2
- Space your bag out into two parts. You will be able to fit two Vera Bradley Medium Packing Cubes or one Vera Bradley Medium Packing Cube with Large Blush & Brush Cosmetic Case (See Diagram on the right). I pack my bag the second way that way I can have an extra section for my onboard shoes or electronics.

Step 3
- If you have two Vera Bradley Small Packing Cubes, you can fit that one on the medium Cube. After I make that move, I look around my room and add the extra items I might have like a brush, electronics, or books