Three Things to Do in Washington DC This Weekend

     Our Nation's Capital, Washington D.C., the land of many Presidents and where politicians make laws. Most importantly, it is the land of cherry trees. The best thing about this job is that you can visit any city in the world at different times. The first thing I did when I became a flight attendant, was to make sure I had a long layover in Washington DC because I just wanted to see the Capital, Ab Lincoln, reflection pool, and cherry trees. There I was on the computer, and the perfect trip popped up with a 18hr layover on a Saturday during peak cherry blossom. I could not be happier and thought I hit the layover jackpot. However, Mother Nature had another plan for me with a northeaster. It was the only major snowstorm Washington, and the Northeast got that year. I mean, why would it snow in the middle of March! There I was praying that the blossoms would still be on the trees shining in their glory. I even made one of my friends swap onto the trip because I knew we would just have a perfect time. 

     Well sad to say, my friend, I was wrong. RUINED! All the blossoms froze, and there I was with one of my good friends with "nothing" to do. Of course, there is plenty to do in D.C., but lord did I not do my research and scrambled to find something to fill our Saturday layover.

Below are some of my favorite things to do in Washington D.C. on a layover, especially when Mother Nature messes up your plan.

Three Things to Do in Washington DC This Weekend
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My Favorite Place to Eat in Washington D.C. -- Founding Farmers

     Start your day off with some good food from the Founding Farmers inspired by our country’s rich culinary tradition. Their Moto is simple, real food & drinks served with pride. Not only is the name so patriotic, but it also highlights their farm to table concept. At the Founding Farmers, the food is prepared in-house every day making each property Certified Green Restaurant. This restaurant doesn’t only submit their items from scratch, they make at least 170,000 loaves of bread, grind their meat, and press their juices. On the menu, I will suggest a nice healthy meal to last you through the day along with a classic cocktail. You have to reward yourself for working right.
    After flying all day these are my suggestions, I would start with the Pimento Farm Bread to share and the minted watermelon. Something about that combinations cries picnic. Happy with this starter, I would explore one of their signature dishes. My mouth craves to two items on this menu, one being the Shrimp & Grits, Andouille because I could be a little homesick for the south or the Yankee Pot Roast because I believe I never had a Yankee Cook for me.

Visit a free Museum in Washington D.C -- Smithsonian American Art

    After made enjoying the outside fresh air because God knows that we get enough circulated are on the daily, hop into a museum. There are so many to choose from, but I get inspiration from art. There is something about a painting that just inspires the soul. I am always amazed and a little sad that museums have famous paintings from struggling artist at the time only to have them be worth millions in the present. I hope they receive royalties in heaven. If the Smithsonian American Art is not your cup of tea, may I suggest U.S. Botanical Gardens, National Air & Space Museum, or National Museum of Natural History.

Walk around the National Mall and Memorial Parks

    Once you have eaten that nice meal, I feel like I need to walk it off and get to my 10,000 steps for the day. Walk down to the National Mall where you can see all of the different memorials from our great leaders of the past. The Mall is where I believe the magic happens in Washington. Many movies and moments have occurred in this area, and one can just soak in that energy. Have fun by just talking a stroll or get up and close to these monuments and reflex in our nation's past.

Take advantage of all long layovers, because to be honest how fun is a hotel room? What is your favorite thing to do in our Nation’s Capital?


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