My 5 Go-To Foods I Eat While Traveling

I might not be Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods, but I do like to chow down when I am on the road. Maybe that is why I can’t lose these 20 lbs, oh well at least I am having fun. On a typical three day trip I do like to pack healthy treats, but give me a long layover in an exotic place like Chicago my appetite is ready!


1.  Pizza - Being based in New York City I do have to try pizza in different locations to see how it stacks up. Of course St. Louis has that great Oregano sauce with provolone cheese, Chicago, and their deep dish YUM! I can’t get enough of pizza. The picture below is Pizza from Pizza Domenica located in New Orleans. 

2. Burgers- Give me the beef! After working a 12hr day, nothing compares to eating a hamburger. My favorite jam is to find a farm to table restaurant because you can taste the meat. The picture below is from 5280 Burger Bar in Denver, Colorado.

3. Local Flavor - Nothing beats going to a place and eating well-known food. You can get Mussels in Brussels, or BBQ in Memphis. Finding the local flair and trying it is my ultimate favorite thing to do. Pictured below is Mussels located in Brussels, but watch out for falling for tourist traps.

4. Fries- One would not think that fries would be something to find on a trip. However, in Canada and other places they are known for this delicacy. Pictured below is beautiful Poutine dish in Montreal.

5. Desserts - One can’t get over desserts because we all need to be a
little sweeter. Here is a picture of desserts from the oldest bakery in Paris. Other places have desserts like waffles in Brussels or Voodoo Donuts in Portland ( I know those are a breakfast item, but why not eat them for dessert too!).

As you can see, I do love to eat food. What is your favorite spot to go to on a layover?