Things to Do: Yellowstone National Park | Depart Fashion's Trip Review

When your job involves traveling, you can hit most of your bucket list faster than expected. If you travel often, you might have crossed off the big ones, New York City, Paris, or even somewhere exotic like Thailand. Once you have gone to these far off places, what shall you do next? So why not turn to your backyard, America and see what this great land has to offer. Yellowstone Park to me is like the great American Vacation to a vast wonderland of volcanic activity and mysterious water pools.

Most of the time, you have a couple of days off between trips and why not go on a quick vacation to a National Park.

Lodging in and around Yellowstone Park

Depending on where you fly in, you might have to coordinate your hotel lodging with what entrance you will like enter. When we visited Yellowstone, we stayed mostly in the West Yellowstone entrance. 

Outside of the Park

West Yellowstone 

North Entrance

Inside of the Park

Dining in and around Yellowstone National Park

One thing that is great about national park trips is that you can just pack up a cooler and have wonderful picnics. Not only is this a great way to maximize your daylight, but you can also save your appetite for dinner at one of the local restaurants.

What to do in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is so vast that the average tourist only sees 1% of the National Park! That is just crazy news. Luckily I have visited and am going to highlight some pretty awesome national landmarks that you must see during your stay. Make sure to check out a map of the park and pick out these landmarks before you arrive. Some of the landmarks can be an hour or more drive from the entrance, and you want to maximize your time while visiting.


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Hope you are inspired to head out west and explore this beautiful land. Till then, Travel on!