What to pack for cold weather

When I got my base assignment in training, and my airline selected me to live in New York, I was overjoyed. What a fun city with so many things to do on my day off. I can jump on the LIRR and enjoy art at the Met museum, laugh at a Broadway Play or even enjoy nature in Central Park. It was Spring which is always such a beautiful time of the year. The summer was even better. Not too hot with long days, I was just in love with this city.

Then came the fall and one early snow storm. I was not prepared, not ready. I haven’t bought a new jacket in 7 years because frankly, you do not need them in New Orleans. Yes, I did have some scarfs, but they were more on the decorated side which would not keep me warm in the 1-degree wind chill. Plus I didn’t even know where to start with picking out snow boots. Do you go for comfort or style?

The winter was here, and this southern girl had to catch up and pretend that I was a real Northerner that can handle what Mother Nature can bring. So like any fashionista, I opened up my wallet and headed to the store, to make sure that I would not get frostbite this winter.

1. A Heavy Jacket — Once someone told me about down jackets that can roll up and be put way I was sold. Not only are they travel-friendly, but they are also perfect for getting from the subway to your apartment. My biggest pet peeve is starting my trip in a cold city, and then flying around to warmer states. This way I can use it to get to and from the airport and not worry about leaving it on the plane. I do have to say though; these jackets are right till you hit the 5-degree wind chill mark. That is when you want a coat with a liner inside.

2. Snow Boots — This seems like a no-brainer, but in New Orleans, we did not have snow and to be honest didn’t know you needed this option. Walking on snow and ice is dangerous, and you do not want to wear your airport use either because not only will they make you slip, but they will get covered in ice. Snow Boots will not only save you from getting an OJI, but they will also protect your work shoes from the salt.

3. Fleece Tights — I am a dress girl, never wear tights. So by the time you have your boots on you do have a small layer of skin expose to the elements. I love the option of fleece tights because you can put them over your stockings and brave that wind. Once you get to the airport, you can take them off and go on your merry way to the plane.

4. Gloves — You must get one with a liner inside maybe it be cashmere or lamb fur. My favorite pair of gloves are ones that are leather with a little fur on the ends. Not only do they make me feel fancy and classy. A bonus is if they are smartphone ready.

5. Hat — Traveling I like to have things that can break down, so when it comes to my hat I look for a simple beanie hat. It does its job by containing the heat in your body.

6. Scarf — The colder it gets, the larger the scarf I want. When it is about 30-40 degrees I can get away with a big poofy infinity scarf, but once it starts dropping I like my scarf to be a size of a blanket.

7. Long Underwear — This is important to add an extra layover to every clothes. I remember it was so cold in my crash pad, that I couldn’t get warm unless I put my long underwear on under my flannel pajamas. Sometimes the weather just beats that heater.

Brrr.. Baby it is cold outside!

What is your favorite winter accessory???